Joe Douglas

Joe, This is a Losing Culture

General Manager Record

Joe Douglas' record as a general manager:

Team Year Record Notable Accomplishments
New York Jets 2019* 7 - 9 Inherited someone else's roster. Signed Ryan Kalil. LOL
New York Jets 2020 2 - 14 Tried to tank. Couldn't do it right. Highway 77!
New York Jets 2021 4 - 13 Zach. Wilson.
New York Jets 2022 7 - 10 Killed Round 1 of the draft. Kudos. No notes.
New York Jets 2023 7 - 10 Scapegoated a competent offensive coordinator. Lost LeverageGate and went home. Filled out first team AlmostJets but not actual Jets.
New York Jets 2024 Kept his job for some reason. Fired his right hand because of "budget cuts." Let his left hand leave for a better job somewhere else. Talked up OL and WR needs. Sat out day one of Free Agency. Didn't even buy the Badlands rope hat.
5 Years 27 - 56

Call The Turk, it's time to make a cut